Friday, November 11, 2011


Movement is the most important part of any art or talent. the most important part of anything. just think of the lines in drawing, the actors on stage, or the movement of dancing! it is one of the most crucial parts of the arts. that is why we should focus on movement a whole lot.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Many Circles

Mr. Richerds had us draw circles!!!! i had so much fun! i love circles because they are never ending!!!

film review

Shh, Its a Secret!: the video was very good! everything was original! that was very impressive, all of the music was good, but kind of overpowering.
The Flinstones: the flipbook was soooo impressive!!!! that was fantastic. you need noise though.
The Void: i love the music and how at the beginning it was kind of boring, but then it became really fun! i love the spinning cone and the dancing too!!!!!
The Move Crew: that was my crew!!!! jane was amazing on the editing!!!!!!
Cherry Bomb: That was so good!!!!!! the only thing that i suggest is that the speaker should be louder!!!!
Crazy Hair: the music was sooooo good!!!! i loved it!!!! the set up was amazing! my favorite!!
Motion Hands: the music was amazing! i take back what i said! this is my favorite! just needed a quote

movement group.

i just had to make a stupid new blog cuz my old ones not working.

well as the title says, i cant get on and my teacher made me make a new one. i hate this sooooooo much.